Martin Amidu was very loud in the media than his office as Special Prosecutor – Ayariga

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bawku Central Constituency, Mahama Ayariga has suggested that his ‘father’ Martin Amidu preferred operating in the media than in office as Special Prosecutor.

He observed that Amidu’s approach towards the job could be one of the reasons he had some challenges culminating in his resignation earlier this week.

Reacting to the decision by a man he described as a father to call it quits barely two years into office, he indicated that Mr. Amidu’s penchant for engaging in public commentary when he has not established the facts was worrying.

“The way he approached the job, it is a job that requires you to approach it in a way that is too public but most of the time, he was out there in the public when he had not established his facts well. Even if you establish your facts as a prosecutor and investigator, the public space is not where you run to first and I thought that he was out there too much. Sometimes it did not serve him well in terms of the work… For me, there was a problem with his whole approach to doing the work. I think that would have led to the attacks he cites as the basis for his decision to leave office”. he revealed on an Accra-based radio station monitored by

According to the lawmaker, his colleagues somewhere are silent and working until results are attained on matters being investigated but his ‘old man’ prefers to be in the media on happenings all the time.

“I have seen Special Prosecutors somewhere, they hardly talk and you don’t know until the end what happens but in the case of my old man, every day he is in the news….every day he was always in the news”, he disclosed.

source: my news gh

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