First voter at Navrongo Central polling station shares experience

Francis, the first voter to cast his ballot at the Namolo No. 2 polling station in the Navrongo Central Constituency has shared his experience about the election so far.

According to him, the electoral process in the constituency was smooth, and he hopes that it continues smoothly for a successful election.

“My name is Francis, and actually, I think the whole process is going on cool because I came here around 4 am and when I came I saw some people here, but I was the first person to vote, so actually, when we continue this way, I think it will help because, the place is calm there and I think by God’s grace everything will end successfully,” he said.

He also expressed his great sense of pride in his ability to exercise his franchise.

“I am happy because I also exercise my franchise because if you get to the age of 18, you need to also (whoever you are), you have to cast your vote because it’s your right. It’s your right to vote. You have to choose your leader who will make sure that … maybe anything that is not going on well in the country, we can talk about it. Because if you don’t vote, how will you talk? You have to vote, so that’s why I came and cast my vote, and I’m well happy that I cast my vote, and I’m very sure that the right person will win the election,” he concluded.


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