Gifty Anti narrates how she wept after her ‘borrowed’ car crashed

Celebrated broadcast Journalist, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has detailed the tribulations she went through in a year which has been described by many as difficult.

According to her, on the 26th December 2020 when she had the kenkey party for the children of Adumasa and surrounding areas, a car she had used for a year now was involved in an accident.

She said the car somersaulted several times but fortunately, occupants sustained some injuries.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti indicated that the car isn’t hers and that her friend gave the car to her to use because she did not have a car.

The television personality said although the accident was a set back and she was shocked, she went ahead with the party to put smile on the faces of her people.

Read Her Testimony Below


I am sure you have seen some of the pictures of the charity work I did during Christmas!!!But do you know, that on the morning of 26th December, 2020, the car I had been using for almost a year now, was involved in a very serious accident? That was the day I had the kenkey party for the children of Adumasa and surrounding areas.

I sent the ‘driver’ to go to the next village, which is about 3 minutes drive from Adumasa, to go buy me polythene bags for the packages for the children.5 minutes after, I had a call that the car had summersaulted (about 3 or 4 times) and landed in the bush. Thankfully, none of the occupants were seriously hurt. It shook me, really shook me and I asked ‘why Lord’.?The car isn’t even mine. A friend gave it to me to use, since I didn’t have a car and I had planned to hand it over to her immediately I returned from Adumasa… and then this accident happens.Aside the cost of repairing it, how was I going to tell my friend? But you know what?

I still went ahead and had the kenkey party for the kids, with all Smiles and made sure they were happy!!Don’t be shocked. I am Rev Eastwood Anaba’s daughter. He has groomed us to ‘heal others even when we are wounded’ ????But, as human as I am, after serving the children, I went into the room and wept. I wept so hard and my husband didn’t even know what to do or say to me.Why do I have to ‘suffer’ when I was putting smiles on the faces of others? Why?

But the next day, 27th December, 2020, after checking up to see the occupants of the car were still ok, I shared clothes and shoes for more children.And as I write right now, I am about to share some more for children in my area. Yeah!!I am telling you this ‘uncomfortable’ story because I want you to understand, that it hasn’t been easy for any of us. And that even the ‘righteous’ (which I am no where close to, by the way) also go through afflictions.When I say I have super crazy Faith in God, it doesn’t mean I have had or have things easy going for me.

No! This year has been tough and affected me in ways I can not even tell you. HmmmmHowever, at every challenging step, I know, it could have been worse! I always know and believe that God has delivered me from something or is about to make a way for me, someway or somehow.You see, He has showed up for me many times, but it never stops me from panicking anytime I go through challenging times. ????I had plans for this year, for this month, but most of them didn’t materialize. I couldn’t achieve it.Does it mean God has failed me? That I am a failure! ?Heck No!!! Once I have life, I know I have another opportunity for my dreams to actualize!! To come to pass!!My dear friend, irrespective of what this year has dished out to you, God is Faithful.

You are alive!.He is God and His words are Yea and Amen.He is the God of the 11th Hour. You can receive your miracle even before the strike of Midnight tonight!! Don’t give up on God.In 2021, He will be the same God who will allow you to go through the Valley of the Shadow of death. But He will expect you to fear no evil because He will be with you!!I wish I can tell you that 2021 will be your best year ever, but I can’t, because I am not God.

However, I can tell you this!IN 2021, GOD WILL MANIFEST HIMSELF GREATLY IN YOUR LIFE!!!IT IS MY PRAYER THAT IN 2021, GOD WILL GIVE YOU A TESTIMONY, ONE LIFE CHANGING TESTIMONY THAT WILL SHOCK YOU!!!In 2021, don’t let go of your Faith in God.Work harder, stay more focused, be more creative and determined!!Be humble, compassionate, forgiving and loving.In 2021, do your very best and leave the rest to God!!!In 2021, stay positive, hopeful and dare to take calculated risks!!Happy New Year and May 2021 bring us all more joys and laughter.Sincerely Yours,The Woman with Super Crazy Faith in God.P.S:And oh guess what? When I told my friend about the accident, do you know what she said?‘Sis I Hope no one was seriously hurt. And don’t worry, accidents do happen!!’ ????That’s a miracle right there!!!

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