Declare national day of fasting, prayers to avert serious bloodshed – Prophet to Akufo-Addo

The founder and Leader of New Jerusalem Chapel (NJC) in Kumasi Bishop J. Y Adu, says it would be very necessary for President Akufo-Addo to declare a national day of fasting and prayers to redeem the country from the bloodshed that awaits it in the year 2021.

According to Bishop JY Adu, Ghanaian citizens did not suffer severely from the coronavirus pandemic which killed a million souls across the world because the President in the early days of the spread declared a national day of fasting and prayers.

“Tell the President that he must declare a national day of fasting for Ghana to redeem the country from evil and unnatural accident and bloodshed. If he does it as he did in the early days of COVID-19, things will change”. He urged.

The Leader and founder of New Jerusalem Chapel in his prophecy on the 31st December watch night insisted that, for the prayers to work effectively, declaration of such a day must be done by the president himself and no other person.

“When he (the President) announces it, and Ghanaians go by it and fast, we shall be freed. The devil is preparing to strike in some countries of West Africa”. Bishop JY Adu prophesied.

The Bishop in his end of year prophecy again revealed that there is going to be two successive coup d’état among some countries in West Africa but revealed that Ghana will not be affected.

“I can see two successive coup d’états in some countries in West Africa. I have said that in this country, terrorists shall continue to operate but anyone who makes an attempt will be arrested. People shall be imprisoned for orchestrating so many demonstrations terrorism in the country”, he noted.

Source: my news gh

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