Mahama being undermined by wealthy Gonja men he empowered as President – Kudus Gbeadese argues

A prominent political activist from the Savannah Region, Issifu Kudus Gbeadese has argued that the decrease in support for John Dramani Mahama in Gonja land, where he hails, is as a result of his own actions or inactions when he became President in 2013.

Mr Gbeadese is of the opinion that John Mahama’s has been undermined by some persons from his ethnic group who have constituted themselves into a “Mafia” that has been working against the interest of Mr Mahama when he was President and as he seeks to be President against.

Mr Gbeadese contends that supposed loyalists from Mr Mahama’s ethnic group who are expected to work in his interest have become his undoing.

“When the story is told by outsiders that Gonjas have betrayed their own John Mahama in the 2020 general elections, I felt ashamed and insulted by my own conscience. Regrettably, that is what they see and feel, but the reality is that the hate which has manifested in the betrayal during the election was actually created and planted in the hearts of our people by the very Gonja Mafia which didn’t even exist anyway. They became a blockade and brutes who made it look like we didn’t just matter. If an advisor or confidant (a son from the land) could advise President Mahama not to mind Gonjaland MPs and their people, and that the votes we add to the national aggregate is just about 1.9% or even less, what do you expect in the final analysis? This was the realities of the day,” Mr Gbeadese argued in a statement sighted by

source: my news gh

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