NDC in turmoil: ‘Atta Mills boys’ fight Ofosu-Ampofo; Muntaka, Bagbin take on Sammy Gyamfi

Somewhere in the Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency, the constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress and ten other branch executives are in a tussle with other constituency executives over their future in the party.

The situation, according to a report by Nkilgi FM has created deep cracks within the party in the constituency and if a quick-fix is not done, it could cost the party in the 2024 elections with some key members threatening to break away.

On a normal day, this would have caught the attention of the National Executive Committee of the party and a team would have been dispatched to resolve the situation.

But things are hardly normal in the NDC now. The cracks in the Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency are also being felt at the national level.

The party is on the cusp of a breakaway with a plethora of issues confronting it now.

The party is currently dealing with the tantrums from the perceived ‘Mills Boys’ who, despite being suspended from the party, continue to spit venom from over the wall.

Allotey Jacobs, the former Central Regional Chairman of the party and Koku Anyidoho, the former Deputy General Secretary of the party who were both close allies of the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills have been ostracized from the party in what they both consider to be a persecution of the Mills boys, a claim flatly rejected by Baba Jamal, the Director of Legal Affairs for the party.

On Monday, March 15, Allotey and Anyidoho took their frustrations on the National Chairman of the party, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo.

Koku Anyidoho fired first, labelling Ofosu-Ampofo as a coward: “I am saying that Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, stop sitting down there and talking about Koku Anyidoho and Allotey Jacobs. You are a coward, Ofosu-Ampofo is a coward. If he is a man he should get up and condemn this nonsense and let’s move on,” he fumed.

Allotey who claims to have retired from the party also joined with a barrage of insults and allegations, “Ofosu Ampofo behaves like a toddler, he thinks we don’t know that he is nurturing an ambition to become the flagbearer of the party”.

Ofosu-Ampofo will not let it pass so he also fires back, “As we speak, they have all been suspended from the party. If you wish that we take further actions against them following their action we will listen. We will go and look at exactly what has to be done to ensure sanity.

“Only last week, a newspaper published with the headline ‘John Mahama you are no longer leader of the NDC, hand over to Ofosu Ampofo to come and redeem the party’ which was attributed to Koku Anyidoho.

“It is not Koku Anyidoho who will teach us what the NDC’s constitution says. We have a constitution and we know what the constitution says.”

While this is ongoing, Sammy Gyamfi, the National Communications Officer of the party is being flayed by Alban Bagbin and Muntaka Mohammed for comments he made about them.

Bagbin retorted first with a message to Sammy Gyamfi that “because I say I belong or came from a party, does he [Sammy Gyamfi] think I’m at the beck and call of the party?” he asked.

“Now, I don’t belong to any party. I’m Speaker of Ghana. I’m not a Speaker of NPP. I’m not a Speaker of NDC. I’m Speaker of Ghana. And I must hold the balance. So, decision-taking; no. My duty is to ensure that there’s an even playing field and the decision is taken and I announce it. That is all,” he explained his role.

Muntaka, the Minority Chief Whip in a separate interview said, “Every member of parliament swore an oath to uphold the constitution. The mandate of every member of parliament overruns his party. The mandate of every member of parliament is above the interest of the party because after the election you don’t only represent the party but everyone in your constituency. Your party is just one leg so anything from your party is just an advice. You should remember that the buck stops with you the MP.”

Source: GhanaWeb

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