Nigerian national, one other fined GH¢3,600 for trying to obtain Ghana Card

A Ghanaian and a Nigerian national, have been fined GH¢3,600 for trying to illegally obtain a Ghana Card.

The two suspects, Olu Olarusi Toyin Tracy and Yvette Mensah, were charged with conspiracy to commit a crime after, namely, providing false information to the officials of the National Identification Authority.

They were brought before the Adjabeng District Court, Accra, on November 22 where they pleaded guilty to all the charges proffered against them and were subsequently convicted on their own plea and sentenced to a fine of 300 Penalty Units i.e. GH¢3,600 each or in default serve six months in prison.

Olu Olarusi Toyin Tracy will also be repatriated to Nigeria after serving her conviction.

They first went to the NIA head office on November 19 to acquire a Ghana Card.

Olu Olarusi Toyin Tracy, who had a Ghanaian Birth Certificate, was directed by the NIA registration Official to go through vetting.

In the course of investigations, it was revealed that, the birth certificate had the name “Tracy Mensah”, with suspect Yvette Mensah as the mother and one Alhassan Fuseini as the father.

The birth certificate was issued at the Birth and Death registry on October 22, 2021, at the Bubuashie Office, Accra.

Further investigation disclosed that Yvette Mensah was not the biological mother of Olu Olarusi Toyin Tracy and that the two were never related in any way.

The name Tracy Mensah had been adopted by Olu Olarusi Toyin Tracy to establish a fake link to Yvette Mensah, who was pretending to be her biological mother.

Source: citinewsroom

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