Court dismisses defense counsel’s petition against star witness

The Accra High Court trying the ten persons accused of high treason has dismissed a petition filed by defense counsel to compel the star witness to produce his second cycle certificates in Court.

The Court’s reason for dismissing the petition is that the witness has already been discharged from giving evidence.

Mr Victor Kwadjoga Adawudu, the defense counsel for four of the ten accused persons, filed a supplementary affidavit praying the Court to order Staff Sergeant Sule Awarf, the prosecution’s star witness, to produce his second cycle certificate to the Court.

In a cross examination, witness’ certificate become a bone of contention. The defense counsel pleaded the Court to ask him to provide the said certificate.

Meanwhile, the alleged response by the school the witness claimed to have attended, to the request made by the lawyer, stated that:

“With reference to your letter dated 16th November, 2021 and reference LL/21/202, to officially search about the background of one Inusah Napor, I write to respond as follows:

“Yes Inusah Napor was once a student of Bechem Methodist Junior High School, that he was admitted into the school on 28th September, 1993 with admission number 387.

He completed the school in the year 1996 and was awarded with the BASIC EDUCATION CERTIFICATE (BEC) after sitting and passing the BASIC EDUCATION CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION in year 1996 with certificate number 383424.

“That there is no records on one Kwadwo Awarf in our books since the establishment of the school as requested by your organization.”

It said, “That there is no bad records in our books concerning Inusah Napkor. I therefore recommend him for any assistance he might need from your establishment.”

Source: GNA

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