Nigeria armed gangs declared terrorist groups

The Nigerian government has formally designated armed gangs operating in the country as terrorist groups.

The gangs have been known locally as bandits.

The move comes more than a month after a high court in Abuja made a similar ruling about the gangs.

The criminal gangs, which have large swathes of land under their control, have abducted school children, tortured their kidnap victims, raped and forced others into prostitution or sexual slavery.

The action is expected to give the military the authorisation it needs to use lethal force in fighting them.

The declaration titled Terrorism (Prevention) Proscription Order Notice, 2021, is contained in a document released by the justice minister on Wednesday.

The government had approached the court in October after repeated calls from across Nigeria for the gunmen to be so designated to enable security operatives to better combat them.

Source: bbc

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