Sachet water vendors lament poor sales after increment, call for government’s intervention

Pure water sellers within the Kumasi metropolis have complained bitterly over poor sales feedback they are receiving following the recent increment in prices of sachet water. The price of a bag of sachet water which increased from Gh¢3.00 to Gh¢4.50 has adversely affected the price of single sachet water which has now
moved from 0.20pessewas to 0.30pessewas. This increment has got many Ghanaians complaining.
Sharing their hard experience with GhanaWeb’s Nana Peprah, the vendors said the hikes in prices of pure water (sachet water) have brought an absolute reduction in their sales. According to them, people are not patronising the sachet water at the 0.30 pesewa cost as it used to be. They sadly revealed that most people now resort to filling bottles with water and putting them inside their bags at the expense of buying sachet water.
The sellers in the Ashanti regional capital Kumasi also expressed their displeasure about the increment of pure water which is sadly collapsing their businesses. “This is what I do to support my family. There are no jobs in this country, and if this little one I do for a living is also going to collapse, then where do
we go. I can’t be a prostitute or thief. The increment has seriously affected us,” a woman narrated her ordeal.
“I am a single mother with four children. My husband died last two years, and this is what I’ve been doing to support my children. Now the business is collapsing due to the increment of price. My brother, it will interest you to know that we stand under this scorching sun for the whole day and receive nothing,” another woman recounted.
“In fact, business was very good when the increment had not taken place. Now nobody wants to buy our pure water anymore due to the increment. We’ve heard that the government’s taxes which have affected manufacturers has brought all these increments. “We’re pleading with Nana Addo and his executives to do something about this because we’re suffering. We trusted them and that’s why we voted for them to be in power,” a young lady said.
While some of them attributed the cause to the tax increment, others were also of the view that people cannot buy sachet water at 0.30 Pesewas due to the fact that there is no money in the system. The sellers have therefore called on the government to do something to curb the situation.

Source : Ghanaweb

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