From rising inflation to labour agitations, Ghana is in a state of disarray – Duffuor

A former Minister of Finance, Dr Kwabena Duffuor, has indicated that Ghana is currently in a state of disarray.

He noted that the rising rate of inflation and the ongoing labour agitations are indications that the country is in a state of disorganization.

The rate of inflation went up in January to 13.9 per cent from the 12.6 per cent recorded in December 2021.

Members of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) are also on strike. If the government fails to heed their demands, the universities will have to shut down after 21 days of the industrial action per statutes.

Commenting on the state of affairs in a tweet, Dr Duffuor who is a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana said “Our country is in a state of disarray.

“From inflation to strike actions and media censorship, we continue to experience dreadful challenges while the gov’t is focused on milking more taxes from a desperate people. “

“The government must sit up,” he added.

Source: 3news

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