Morocco protesters demand reform amid rising costs

Protests broke out in cities across Morocco on Sunday against rising prices and to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the launch of a major reform movement.

February 20th was a pro-reform and anti-corruption group born out of the Arab Spring uprisings that rocked the Middle East in 2011.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in the North African country’s city of Casablanca, brandishing banners calling for the release of political prisoners.

Many speakers addressed the crowds, and lamented that none of their demands for social justice, gender equality among others, have been achieved in 11 years.

There were similar protests in the capital, Rabat, and in Tangiers.

Morocco’s economy has been hit hard by drought and the coronavirus pandemic.

A similar campaign has been taking place on social media platforms under the hashtag “no to price hikes”.

Some posted video footage of themselves on their bikes having abandoned their cars as they could not afford the higher petrol prices.

Source: bbc

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