Uproar over Kenya’s rising cost of food

The rising cost of food and other basic commodities in Kenya is causing a public uproar.

The hashtag #lowerfoodprices has been the top trending topic in Kenya on social media for two days now, as people protest against the high prices.

Some of the frustrated Kenyans have been sharing their shopping lists, showing how the prices of basic commodities like bread and cooking oil have shot up in the last three years – with some goods twice or three times more expensive.

They are calling out the government for failing to curb the ever-rising prices.

With general elections due in August, the matter has also become a campaign issue.

Higher taxes and increased costs of production, including that of farm inputs, have been blamed for pushing up prices.

The Kenyan statistics bureau’s latest data shows that year-on-year food inflation rose by 8.89% in January.

Source: bbc

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