Santrofi Band for Junkanoo Festival in Canada

POPULAR Ghanaian music group, Santrofi band join other artistes to perform at this year’s Junkanoo Festival in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to Santrofi band, veteran Highlife artiste, Bob Pinodo’s band is also billed for the event.

Junkanoo Festival which comes off from October 24-29 aims at bringing together the diversity of cultures and traditions, music and dance from around the world.

Over the years, Santrofi band has performed at many festivals across the world. Last year, they thrilled thousands of revelers at various festivals including Sziget Festival in Hungary, Wieselburg Les Grimaldines in France, Hiesige&Dolsige Festival in Austria and Helden in Net Park, Germany.

Junkanoo Festival will provide the chance for the band to promote Highlife music which they have been championing over the years.

Speaking about the upcoming event, leader of Santrofi Band, Emmanuel Kodwo Ofori told Graphic Showbiz it will be an opportunity for the band to highlight the relevance of Highlife music through their performances.

History has it that Junkanoo Festival is named after John Canoe, an African trader on the West African Coast during the era of slavery.

John was often portrayed as a rebellious slave, while at other times as a successful Black merchant in African countries whose story was carried over to the Bahamas through oral tradition (Sands, 2008).

The festival was originally celebrated in the evenings after the slave owners had gone to bed. Today, Junkanoo is seen as the celebration of costumes, music and dance to reunite Africans lost culture and a step towards conserving our heritage.

“Considering the history and essence of the celebration of the festival, there’s no doubt that it will be a great opportunity to appreciate music of Ghana’s heritage which is Highlife music,” Ofori said.

The event which is being organised by the World Junkanoo Festival Foundation and World Carnival Commission will have Dr. Mohammed Awal, Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture as a guest speaker.

Source: Graphiconline

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