I was hurt by revelations in ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’- Iyanya

Nigerian singer and former lover of Yvonne Nelson, Iyanya has disclosed that he was hurt by revelations in Yvonne’s memoir, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’ where talked about his alleged cheating and sexual escapades.

Speaking on Starr Drive yesterday, July 6, the ‘Your Waist’ hitmaker mentioned that he felt quite betrayed particularly when he had spoken to Yvonne Nelson few days to the launch of the book and asked him to do a video to endorse the book.

“I was hurt. I won’t lie to you. She called that she was launching a book and needed a video to endorse the book but I didn’t know I was in the book. I did that because we are cool. So it was when the book came out and I knew I was in the book,” Iyanya said.

Iyanya pointed out that irrespective of that, he harboured no hard feelings for his ex since she is a sweet girl.

 “Yvonne Nelson is a sweet girl, I can’t go about sharing her problems with people. “My soul was in Yvonne, I loved her, that’s why I had a tattoo of her name on my wrist. The tattoo was to show I have a piece of her everywhere I go. Back then I used to lie to her. Then, it was my career first. Everything came second.

 “I don’t feel good that I have to sit on the radio to talk about this because it is emotional.  I also feel like at the end of the day she is healing. Let’s not forget that too whatever it is. But what we all need to understand is that everybody has been through ups and downs and being famous comes with the territory,” Iyanya stated.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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