Seyram Fiakeye Makes History as First Ghanaian and non French speaker to Win ePOP Award

GHANAIAN filmmaker Seyram Fiakeye has made history as the first Ghanaian and non French speaker to win the ultimate prize at the prestigious 2023 ePOP Contest held in Paris, France.

After three attempts, Seyram’s award-winning video shedding light on the effects of climate change on the fishing community of Alakple, particularly focusing on the struggles faced by 90-year-old Madam Elizabeth Akpalu won the hearts of the judges.

His work portrayed the devastating impact of climate change on the fishing community of Alakple through interviews and captivating visuals.

The video tells the story of  Madam Elizabeth Akpalu, who, at the age of 90, is bracing the odds against the devasting effects of climate change on marine life and to a larger extent, fishing which is the community’s major source of livelihood.

Recounting his journey to  winning the ultimate ePop prize, Seyram told Graphic Showbiz that consistency and hard work earned him the feat.

“My remarkable journey to success in the ePOP Contest began with a dream, hardwork and a vision I held close to my heart. Before this year’s contest, I had a dream that I won, and to God be the glory, I won.”

As the first Ghanaian and English speaker to achieve this honour, Seyram says he is hopeful his success would serve as inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and storytellers worldwide.

“My groundbreaking win at the 2023 ePOP Contest not only marks a significant milestone for him as an individual but also highlights the immense talent and creative potential within Ghana’s film industry.”

Seyram Fiakeye is a Ghana-based filmmaker with a diverse portfolio that includes work as an actor, production manager, art director, and more.

 Notably, he has played roles in productions such as “Sadia,” “Wildfire,” and “Table of Men.”

Seyram has also served as a line producer and director for numerous documentaries and magazine shows for banks and the Mastercard Foundation. Furthermore, he has showcased his talent as a writer, producer, and executive producer in his short film.

With his powerful storytelling abilities and unwavering dedication to social impact, Seyram Fiakeye has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the global stage.

His triumph at the ePOP Contest is a testament to the importance of amplifying marginalised voices and shedding light on pressing issues through the art of filmmaking.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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