Africa countries must come up with sustainable energy plans — Prof. Dampare

The Director-General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), Prof. Samuel Boakye Dampare, has called on African countries to come up with effective plans that would ensure sustainable energy supply in their respective countries.

“A sustainable energy plan is one that meets energy needs today and also ensures that our energy sources will not run out in the future,” he added.

The D-G also said that the quality of life of the people was a consequence of energy sustainability and efficient management of the sector.

“Sustainable energy planning and power system modelling aid in predicting future infrastructure needs, as well as the demand and supply for energy,” he said.

Prof. Dampare made the call at the opening of a two-week training course on energy supply analysis, modelling and development in Accra yesterday.


Prof. Dampare explained that a sustainable energy plan offered insight into the future energy landscape by taking into account elements such as population increase, urbanisation and economic development, including helping policymakers and utility regulators to make informed choices.

He said the purpose of the training was to give insight into energy system modelling tools which could be used to investigate various technological possibilities and their ramifications.

“Outcomes can draw attention to the necessity of suitable legislative framework, creative finance methods and measures to increase capability and to shift to a future with more sustainable energy,” the D-G said.

He also said that the country was actively considering the inclusion of nuclear power into its energy mix.

“We need to know what role nuclear power will play, what quantum it can contribute to our energy mix in relation to and comparison to other energy generation sources such as fossil fuels and renewables,” Prof. Dampare said.

He expressed appreciation to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for its support in organising the training.

“The IAEA has been the bulwark of support so far as issues of nuclear science and technology are concerned.

“It has provided leadership in ensuring that nuclear technology is used in a safe and secure manner.

We are grateful for all the support the agency provides in these areas of learning,” Prof. Dampare said.


The Deputy Director-General of GAEC, Prof. Dickson Adomako, also said that if Africa pursued the sustainable development goals in a collective and cooperative effort, a common solution to the problems of the continent, especially in the energy sector, could be found.

“This can be achieved by working and combining resources, knowledge and experiences,” he said.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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