Promoting songs outside Ghana is tough —Flowking Stone

GHANAIAN rapper Flowking Stone has revealed that promoting songs outside Ghana is very demanding.

Flowking Stone has been in the UK for more than a year doing ‘daddy duties’ and he tells Graphic Showbiz that it has not been easy for him to push his songs. 

The “Blow My Mind” hitmaker is out with a new song, “By My Side” which was recorded by Dr Ray Beats.            

 “Yes, social media is there but it is not like beening in Ghana and moving from one radio station or TV station to the other hyping up your songs”, he said. 

By My Side, released last month with an accompanying video has simple lyrics and appealing to the ear. It is about the challenges Flowking Stone has been through and how God has stood by his side.     

Touching on the country’s music industry, Flowking Stone said Ghana music should not be centered on only a few musicians.

 “Opportunities should be given to all including up and coming artistes and veteran musicians. The norm in Ghana is for event organisers to use the same set of artistes to perform at shows which is not cool”, he added.                 

 Known for songs such as Go Low, Fire Born Dem, Mekyeakyea among others, Flowking Stone who has been in the music industry for close to 15 years said structures are not working in the music industry in Ghana. 

“For example, professionals such as doctors and teachers have structures such as pension schemes, regualated revenues etc that is helping. I feel same should be put in place to help us musicians.

“The government should be more involved inour music industry, after all, that is when they can have rights to push a national agenda through music,” he stated.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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