GNMTA appeals to government for prompt resolution of outstanding allowances

The Ghana Nurse-Midwife Trainees’ Association (GNMTA) has issued an urgent appeal to the government to address the long-standing issue of outstanding allowances that have remained unresolved for over a year. 

The affected trainees expressed deep concern over their worsening economic situation and implored the government to provide swift financial support to alleviate their burdens.

In a joint statement signed by the National President, Pascal Adumbisa, and the General Secretary, Blessing Ampofo, the trainees expressed their disappointment and sense of betrayal due to the government’s failure to fulfill its promises. 

They described the situation as an act of sheer injustice and highlighted the detrimental impact it has had on the hopes and aspirations of dedicated health professionals.

The statement underscored the crucial role played by trainee nurses and midwives in the nation’s healthcare system and how they have been adversely affected by the government’s neglect. Despite their unwavering commitment and vital contributions to providing quality healthcare services, the trainees have not received the compensation they rightly deserve.

The financial hardships faced by trainee nurses and midwives have hindered their ability to focus on their essential training, hindering them from achieving the highest levels of expertise in their field. The delay in resolving the issue has resulted in deepening disillusionment and resentment among the trainees.

The inability of final-year students to remit their licensure fees also poses a risk to their professional advancement. Additionally, the lack of funds for basic necessities has put the trainees in a crisis of sustenance.

The trainee allowance was highlighted as a crucial support system for nurse and midwife trainees during their practicums. This allowance serves as a much-needed cushion against the burden of exorbitant expenditures, enabling trainees to fully focus on their practical training without financial stress.

Research has shown that trainees play an indispensable role in the healthcare sector, contributing approximately 40 per cent to the overall provision of healthcare services in Ghana. Given their significant contribution, the GNMTA urged the government to act promptly and rectify the injustice, restoring faith in its commitment to the healthcare sector.

The statement concluded with a call for immediate action, emphasizing that the gravity of the situation demands swift intervention from the government.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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