I am still a politician —Fred Nuamah

ENTREPRENEUR and Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Movie Awards Fred Nuamah has disclosed his strong desire to pursue his political ambitions despite withdrawing from the pending National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Ayawaso West-Wuogon parliamentary primaries.

He explained to Graphic Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday, August 8, that his decision to pull out of the race which has his close friend, actor John Dumelo, as his strongest contender is only a temporary withdrawal from frontline political activities.

Mr Nuamah mentioned that he was ready to serve his party in various capacities and was certain the future would take care of itself concerning the decision he has taken.

“While my decision to pull back from the Ayawaso West-Wuogon NDC parliamentary primaries might indicate a temporary ‘break’ from my political ambitions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have given up on politics. No!

“I will serve my party and Ghanaians in several ways and at different levels. The future will take care of itself,” he stated.

The latest news of quitting the race must have come as a surprise to many, particularly when Mr Nuamah was super enthusiastic in his pursuit of the Ayawaso West-Wuogon Parliamentary seat when he announced his intentions to contest in February this year.

His announcement didn’t only make headlines but ruffled some feathers, including that of his good friend, Mr Dumelo, who contested the seat on the ticket of the NDC in the last general elections and was still nursing the interest of going again.

A later announcement by Mr Dumelo in March raised concerns for one of them, especially when they are very good friends, to step down and support the other in the race.

Interestingly, the onus sort of fell on Mr Nuamah to step down since Mr Dumelo previously contested the seat and had better prospects with a united front.

However, Mr Nuamah, who was adamant initially, came out to say he had the blessings of Mr Dumelo to contest the Ayawaso West-Wuogon seat on the ticket of the NDC, following the latter’s decision to vie for a seat in another constituency.

In a sharp rebuttal, Mr Dumelo denied knowledge of Mr Nuamah’s claims and revealed that they were no longer friends, contrary to the perceived strong bond that Mr Nuamah had previously created in interviews during the heated moments.

However, speaking about the new development, Mr Nuamah told Graphic Showbiz that contrary to the widely held perception, his announcement to contest Mr Dumelo for the parliamentary seat in the primaries did not have a negative impact on their bromance.

“I believe that whatever happened has rather strengthened the bond we share. As I’m speaking to you now, I have already gotten in touch with my brother and I have extended my endorsement and support for his candidacy.

“We are working together to ensure a united and strong front for NDC’s success in the constituency. I will support John Dumelo’s campaign by rallying my supporters at all levels of the party in the constituency to support him,” he stated.

The NDC suspended the vetting of Mr Dumelo and Mr Nuamah for the constituency’s election in April. However, it seems the road is now clear, with Mr Nuamah out of the race.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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