Big time sorry to Randy Abbey for Abena Korkor’s loose talk on my show -Fiifi Pratt

Radio presenter and host of Afro Joint on Kingdom FM, Fiifi Pratt has rendered unqualified apology to renowned media personality and football administrator, Randy Abbey for unfavourable comments made against his person by Abena Korkor when the latter appeared on his show on Friday, September 1.

In a Facebook post earlier today, Fiifi Pratt said he was very sorry for allowing Abena Korkor his platform to disrespect and disregard Randy Abbey since that was never the intended purpose of the interview.

“I am sincerely sorry for allowing Abena Korkor my platform to disrespect and disregard your personality, that was never the purpose of the interview – Fiifi Pratt and his team renders an unqualified apology to his brother Randy Abbey for the lose talk made by Abena Korkor on his platforms(sic),” he posted with a video.

In the accompanying video, Fiifi Pratt said he that takes all the blame for the mishap and appealed to Randy, who he described as a brother, to ignore assertions that he did that interview for “an agenda”.

He explained that his production team was contacted by Abena Korkor for an interview to promote a book she had purportedly written.

However, during the interview which was also streaming live on Facebook, a follower asked a question which sparked the Randy Abbey conversation.

“Randy, kindly give me a listening ear. I interviewed Abena Korkor and there were few things that happened that I’m not happy with and anyone who watched the interview will see that I wasn’t comfortable with the outcome.

“I don’t want to repeat what happened but I want to tell Randy Abbey that, I, Fiifi Pratt of Sunshine Radio, Choice FM were I worked with Randy, a big time sorry.

“I take the blame, the team of Afro joint as well because if we hadn’t invited Abena Korkor, all this wouldn’t have happened but I don’t want Randy Abbey to have the impression that it was done on purpose or an agenda,” he stated.

Source: Graphiconline

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