Jiuzhai Valley National Park – China

Crystal clear blue and turquoise lakes are what people often remember most about Jiuzhaigou National Park. However, there are plenty of other things to take notice of here too. This park is located in the northern region of Sichuan province and part of the Min Mountains near the Tibetan Plateau. Depending on when you visit, you can experience some of China’s most beautiful snow-capped peaks and evergreen forests. The Giant Panda lives here, and there are some beautiful orchids in the park. Several Tibetan villages lie inside this national park as well. You can find everything from five-star hotels to traditional homestays in the Jiuzhai Valley, including Gui Bing Lou at the park entrance and He Ye Bing Guan and Mu Wu Bing Guan just a short walk away.

Source: tripstodiscover.com

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