‘Uncle Sam’s’ smile at Ghana could get broader this New Year

Ever since Ghana broke the shackles of colonial British rule in 1957, the United States of America established diplomatic relations with Ghana.

Be it about ruling within the conformity of democracy, respecting human rights or adhering to the law, the United States and Ghana have always partnered together to bring about a stable governance. Ghana can expect a congenial ‘post – Trump’ era not without reasons.

In the United States, the Democratic philosophy always supports modern liberalism and a mixed economy by blending civil liberty and social equality. Racial discrimination seldom raises its evil hood when Democrats are in power. This is expected to pave way for amicable diplomatic ties with the United States for Ghana.

The Ghanaian business environment is unique and guidance can be extremely helpful. In some cases, a foreign investment can enjoy certain tax benefits under the law or additional incentives if the project is deemed critical to the country’s development. Ghanaians in the U.S. are the largest source of remittances followed by the Ghanaians in the U.K.

As for Ghana, U.S. investors in the country are treated the same as other foreign investors. Thus, the U.S. Development assistance to Ghana implemented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and others should rationally add icing on the cake of Ghana, thus sweetening a promising New Year 2021 for the country.

Ghana, by all accords, could well look up to Uncle Sam sans a fuddy-duddy Republican American outlook.

source: goldstreet business

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