More than 100 killed in Sudan’s West Darfur clashes

More than 100 people have been killed following days of ethnic clashes in West Darfur state in Sudan.

Fighting between Arab tribesmen and fighters from the African Masalit community backed by former rebels, have been going on for days.

The fighting in the Kreinik area has displaced thousands, including across the border into neighbouring Chad, the United Nations says.

A survivor of the clashes says armed men attacked their village west of Kreinik, and opened fire before burning down houses.

They also laid ambushes on the main road blocking people from fleeing.

Those injured were not able to get urgent medical attention.

Fresh fighting between the communities began on Sunday killing at least 55 people.

More bodies were recovered in the bushes on Tuesday, raising the death toll to more than 100. Dozens are still missing.

Last month, 43 people were killed in a different part of West Darfur.

Ethnic clashes have also been reported in the south of the restive region.

The government has deployed a joint force of paramilitary units, the army and police to West and South Darfur to try and contain the violence.

Source: bbc

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