Drivers to increase fares by 40% Jan. 17

Members of the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana(C-DAG), have served notice to increase transport fares by 40 per cent.

The increment, according to the drivers, even though cannot bring an ultimate comfort, can only ameliorate the unbearable hardships facing drivers currently

“We hereby communicate to Ghanaians to prepare for an upward adjustment of transport fares in the country with effect from Monday, January 17, 2022.

“It must be noted that, we commiserate with Ghanaians on the current economic hardship but in order to keep us in business we are left with no other option but to adjust transport fares a little upward which is a 40% increment, “: their statement said.

“Our resolve is inspired by the following factors which are… Price of fuel commodities at the pumps of the various Oil Marketing Companies. Ghanaians agree with us that, fuel commodities have seen a consistent upward increment and will even soon see another increment as predicted by the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers(COPEC).

“It’ll be recalled that a little over a month ago, drivers nationwide embarked on a sit down strike which negatively affected commuters. Even though the Chief of Staff, Frema Osei Opare on behalf of government met with driver unions and promised a reduction of the prices of petrol but unfortunately that promise has not materialised. We are rather witnessing a consistent increment. Sadly, the government has blatantly refused to wave of the tax components on the petrol prices even.

“Increment of Prices of Vehicles: The prices of cars continue to increase on daily basis due to high duty rates at the ports. This situation makes it even more difficult to defray the cost of vehicles causing car owners to increase daily sales of drivers. In the end drivers work virtually for nothing.

“Increment of spare parts and lubricants: the prices of spare parts have also witnessed an upward increment. Coupled with poor roads in the country, drivers are heavily burdened as we have to rapidly change vehicle parts. Our partners, mechanics who replace these parts have also increased their service charges. Essential engine parts and lubricants have also had their prices increased. For instance a 4 and half litre engine lubricant which used to sell at GHC 65 is now sold to us at GHC 110.

“It must be noted that, we also experience the economic conditions of the country. It has become extremely difficult for us to manage our homes as prices of basic commodities including sachet water have also seen an upward increment.

“In view of this, we urge Ghanaians to side with us when the increment of transport fares take effect from Monday, January 17, 2022.

“We strongly encourage Ghanaians to avoid fighting drivers and their conductors when the new fares are implemented.”

Source: 3news

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