Zimbabwe: MPs Call Out Mthuli Ncube Over Worsening Economic Crisis

Members of Parliament have accused the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube of absconding National Assembly sessions while turning down calls to come and present a ministerial statement over the deepening economic crisis.

Speaking during a Parliamentary session on Tuesday, Kuwadzana East MP Charlton Hwende, said Ncube has a case to answer over the state of the economy.

The ZWL devalued this week, reaching $ 5 978 on the RBZ Auction system and $7 000 on the black market. Retail prices have skyrocketed with businesses preferring USD payments.

“Thank you Madam Speaker. I rise over an issue that we deliberated on last week and there was a ruling. We appealed that the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Ncube should come and explain the salaries of civil servants and the price rise that are in the shops,” Hwende said.

“My plea is that the Minister of Finance and Economic Development should come. He is busy in Cowdray Park instead of coming here to answer issues.”

The Speaker of Parliament on Tuesday last week, had said Ncube would come to give a State of the Economy Address.

Kambuzuma MP, Willias Madzimure, bemoaned Ncube’s continued failure to clarify the economy’s negative performance.

“On a point of order Madam Speaker. We have a privilege of requesting the Executive to come and respond to issues of national interest. This is now the third week since the issue of asking Hon. M. Ncube to come and make a ministerial statement,” Madzimure said.

In response, acting Speaker of Parliament Tatenda Mavetera, said she was going to remind the clerk of Parliament to inform Ncube to come and give a ministerial statement.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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