Lack of funds stalls ‘Clean Adabraka’ project — Chief

A sanitation campaign project launched four years ago in the Adabraka community has stalled due to lack of funds.

The implementation of the project, known as “Clean Adabraka”, within the first two years improved sanitary conditions in the community due to the flow of funds.

However, in an interview with the Daily Graphic, the Adabraka Mantse, Nii Tetteh Adjabeng II, explained that although community members were committed to the project, lack of equipment and monetary support prevented them from participating in it.

“Last four years, I launched the Clean Adabraka Project aimed at educating the community members and encouraging them to clean their environment, but lacked funds and support,” he said.

He indicated that the youth were willing to embark on clean-up exercises, as well as educate residents on good sanitation practices.

Nii Tetteh Adjabeng II said the sanitation campaign involved regular clean-up exercises, education and enforcement drive to make the Adabraka community clean.

“We organised extensive clean-up exercises every month for about two years with some funding from corporate bodies.

However, we have not been regular due to lack of funding to support the exercise and motivate the volunteers,” he said.

Clean Adabraka

He thanked companies such as the Graphic Communications Group Limited, Jekora Ventures and Toyota Ghana for supporting the campaign and appealed to other corporate bodies and individuals to support the project.

“Sanitation is one of our top priorities. Adabraka is one of the oldest communities in Accra which used to be one of the most beautiful communities some years back. However, due to increase in population things have changed,” he noted.

He said as a community leader, it was his responsibility to make sure that the community was clean and healthy to live in.

He said he had engaged the Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly, but due to some circumstances, they had not been supportive and, “we find it difficult to get funds to implement the exercise.”

“The people are interested in the project; they have been supportive.

We have even formed a sanitation task force of about 40 young men and women who are very active and supportive and available to organise clean-up exercises,” he revealed.

“We want to make Adabraka very clean so we are serious about it and with the support of stakeholders, the community would be clean,” he assured.


He also called on the government and individuals to collaborate with him to reduce the unemployment situation in the Adabraka community.

He explained that majority of the youth in the community were without work, although the community was commercialised due to a number of companies located in the area.

“Youth unemployment is a major problem; there is no factory in the community, the youth are mostly unemployed and it is one of my challenges.

 “I would be engaging the government, youth employment agencies and private agencies to  support the youth to set up businesses to introduce their work modules to the youth of Adabraka to reduce unemployment in the area,” he said.

“There are a few tradesmen, including the mechanics, fashion designers, hairdressers, and other artisans, but they need to be empowered,” he added.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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