Stop listening to Sarkodie’s song- Counselor Adofoli tells Yvonne Nelson

Renowned marriage counselor, Frank Edem Adofoli is entreating actress Yvonne Nelson to stop listening to Sarkodie’s ‘Try Me’ since it will not help the healing she is seeking for.

He pointed out that the contents of ‘Try Me’, which is Sarkodie’s response to claims that Yvonne had an abortion for him in 2010 were very harsh and will not help the mental stability she needs.

Counsellor Adofoli noted that if the actress continued to listen to the rapper’s counter song, the therapeutic process she hopes to get for writing the book, ‘ I am Not Yvonne Nelson’ will fail.

He wrote in a recent Facebook post: “For your own peace of mind, stop listening to the song of your ‘former friend’. Don’t try him for you have nothing to prove. He mistook your pain for an attack on his image and integrity. He sang out of anger so don’t take the words of the song to heart. That is why you have to stop listening to it.”

He commended her for taking the brave step for baring it all in her memoir stressing that majority of her colleagues, would rather hide behind cheerful smiles on social media and pretend while they suffered in silence.

“Thanks for letting us know that making mistakes is better than faking perfections. Your book did not only reveal your life and your story but also the things we hide as society. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or guilty for telling your story. You don’t need to explain yourself because many people only understand you from their level of perception.”

Counsellor Adofoli urged the actress to seek counselling or therapy for full recovery warning that she risked breaking down if she ignored a professional healing process. 

“You two are good people who made some mistakes in the past, let the lessons learnt make you a better person and not a bitter one. You need counseling or therapy. Pain can shut you down, make you overthink and lose trust.”

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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