Architect Sir David Adjaye rejects claims of sexual misconduct against three women

Sir David Adjaye, the renowned architect and recipient of the 2021 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Gold Medal, has addressed allegations of sexual misconduct raised by three women who previously worked for him.

While admitting to having entered relationships with the women, Adjaye vehemently denies any claims of sexual assault or harassment.

In a statement to the Financial Times, Adjaye expressed deep remorse for engaging in relationships with the women, acknowledging that he blurred the boundaries between his personal and professional lives. 

He emphasized that these relationships were entirely consensual but admitted to feeling ashamed and expressed his intention to seek immediate professional help in order to learn from his mistakes and ensure they are not repeated.

The allegations, detailed in the Financial Times, include claims of sexual assault and harassment that purportedly disrupted the careers of the women involved and left them in precarious financial situations. 

Specific incidents mentioned include an alleged assault in a disabled toilet at an airport in Johannesburg and an incident at London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

Adjaye’s lawyer issued a response on behalf of the architect, categorically rejecting the allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse, or criminal wrongdoing. 

The lawyer stated that the claims were untrue and distressing for Adjaye and his family, and went against everything he stands for.

The report also mentioned the dismissal of two women from Adjaye’s Accra office, who alleged that they were coerced into engaging in sexual activity with him. Adjaye strongly denies these allegations. 

Additionally, the Financial Times report raises concerns about Adjaye’s purported controlling behaviour towards an employee in London, including comments regarding appearance and disparaging remarks towards dark-skinned black women.

Regarding the London incident, Adjaye’s lawyer stated that he had kissed the woman at the Royal Academy but vehemently denies her version of events. 

The lawyer emphasized that communications from that time indicate that the interactions between Adjaye and the woman were consensual, rejecting any claims of abusive or controlling behaviour.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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