Beach clean-up gets corporate boost

Award winning musician and environmental activist, Togbe Ghana, has partnered with DHL to expand his beach cleaning initiative that was launched few years ago.

The DHL sponsorship, which is one of many secured by the musician for the campaign, would help in the mobilisation of people and logistics to clean Kumasamba la Bamba Beach in Osu in Accra.

Togbe Ghana has over the years championed the beach cleaning initiative by partnering with established institutions to raise money that are paid to individuals to clean beaches in and around the capital city. 

“The exercise usually stars around 8am and we see a lot of waste on the beach at this time which is cleaned by workers we pay and provide free tools, drinks and food,” he said. 

The musician turned environmental activist said at the end of a typical clean up session, over 1000kg of waste, mostly plastic, is cleared and sent for recycling. 

“ I keep on to dedicate myself to keeping our beaches clean as part of my social responsibility and service to God and Country,” he said. 

Togbe Ghana called on other corporate brands to commit a token to the project to help keep the country’s coastline clean. 

“We all can join in sponsoring a community beach cleanup and awareness campaign,” he noted.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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