Choreographer Van Calebs advocates exporting dance culture to boost tourism

Ghanaian dance culture holds the key to bolstering tourism in the country, according to Van Calebs, a prominent choreographer and socialite.

Having extensively travelled across the globe for various dance performances, Van Calebs emphasizes that foreign visitors are consistently captivated by the rich dance heritage of Ghana.

Van Calebs disclosed that numerous cultural dances such as Agbedza, Adowa, Kete, and Apatampa deeply fascinate foreigners, who display a keen interest in further exploration and learning. 

He called upon the government to make substantial investments in Ghana’s dance culture, as well as other cultural aspects like music, to ensure widespread recognition and appreciation of the nation’s remarkable heritage.

“Dance has long served as a major catalyst for tourism in Ghana, and I firmly believe it deserves greater attention, particularly in terms of international promotion,” Van Calebs expressed. “Our cultural troupes and dance groups should receive comprehensive support to showcase their talents at the highest level, allowing us to thrive in the realm of Ghanaian dance culture.”

Highlighting a lack of awareness among Ghanaians born in the diaspora regarding their native culture, particularly the vibrant dance traditions, Van Calebs stresses the importance of disseminating knowledge and fostering cultural pride.

In an effort to celebrate and promote dance on a global scale, Van Calebs is preparing to host an upcoming international choreography festival later this year. 

The event will feature exceptional dance troupes from around the world, providing a platform for them to showcase their immense talent while showcasing Ghana’s own rich dance heritage.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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