Prudential Ghana provides $100,000 for COVID-19 recovery initiatives

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, a leading insurer, in collaboration with Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential Plc in Africa and Asia, has partnered with United Nations Population Fund Ghana (UNFPA) and United Way Ghana (UW) to fund projects worth $100,000 to impact the lives of the Ghanaians.

Speaking at the handover of the funds and signing of corresponding governing agreements at the Prudential Life Insurance Head Office in Accra, the Prudence Foundation Executive Director, Marc Fancy, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath impact on people’s health, livelihoods and economies”.

He said, “through the new Group-wide Prudence Foundation COVID-19 Recovery Fund, we are pleased to collaborate with our business units across Asia and Africa to contribute through a wide range of initiatives,”  

Mr Fancy said UNFPA, the lead UN Agency, that targeted vulnerable adolescent populations would over the next six months, conduct a business enterprise refresher training for 120 beneficiaries of the COVID-19 relief fund in areas such as business branding, digital marketing, small scale business management, financing and product packaging.

 The Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, Hazel Berrard Amuah, said: “Prudential is passionate about providing relief in trying times.

We believe in helping people get the most out of life and our position remains resolute at all times.

We have partnered with these organisations in the past for the COVID-19 Relief Fund and we are happy to go a step further with sustaining the impact of the initial projects.”


Prudence Foundation is the community investment arm of Prudential plc in Asia and Africa.

Its mission is to secure the future of communities by enhancing education, health and safety.

The foundation runs regional programmes, as well as local programmes in partnership with NGOs, governments and the private sector in order to maximise the impact of its efforts.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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