WAPCo refutes technical challenges cause of power outages, points to gas shortage from Atuabo Plant

The West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPCo) has refuted claims of facing technical difficulties that led to power outages in certain parts of the country on Friday, July 7.

In a statement issued on July 7, the Ghana Grid Company Ltd (GRIDCO) attributed the power outages to a shortage of gas supply from the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant (GPP) and the West African Gas Pipeline (WAPCo). This shortage, according to GRIDCO, has resulted in a 650MW supply gap.

WAPCo has responded by asserting that it should not be held responsible for the outages and that its facilities were fully operational and capable of delivering gas.

WAPCo explained that the challenge experienced on Friday was due to the unavailability of gas from the National Gas Company’s plant at Atuabo, which had encountered an issue, rendering it impossible for WAPCo to transport gas.

“WAPCo would like to clarify that we did not encounter any technical issues, and our facilities were and continue to be fully operational for gas delivery. WAPCo transports gas according to agreements with Gas shippers. These shippers purchase gas from gas suppliers, transport it through WAPCo pipelines, and sell it to gas off-takers, primarily power companies. When the agreed-upon volume of gas is made available, WAPCo dutifully transports it to the shipper’s customers. The challenge on the mentioned day was that the Ghana National Gas Company’s plant at Atuabo experienced a shutdown, resulting in the unavailability of gas for WAPCo’s transportation,” clarified WAPCo in their statement.

Source: Graphiconline

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