I am not bothered by feminine tag – Nana Yeboah

That Kumawood actor Nana Yeboah has a habit of dressing up like a woman and generally behaving like one cannot be disputed by any keen observer.

Surprisingly, Nana Yeboah says he is not in the least bothered by the feminine tag given him because it is part of his craft and he is not the first male actor who dresses up like a female.

“Popular Nigerian actor Mr Ibu and my own brother Akrobeto have all dressed up like women in the past, we do that to show how versatile we are. Wherever you put us, we will be able to deliver so I don’t see the big deal about that.

“It is God who has given me the talent to do what I do so I have to do it to the best of my ability no matter what, I don’t have to allow anything to distract me but I have to remain focused all the time,’’ he stated.

Contrary to the perception that some of the Kumawood actors are making a lot of money from the short skits they produce for YouTube, Nana Yeboah contends that it is far from the truth, “Imagine going out to hire equipment like camera, lighting, sound etc to do a production as well as the cast who all have to be paid only to end up getting something small out of it, that is certainly a loss for you, we are not making as much as people think,’’ he said.

Nana Yeboah also disagrees with those who opine that shooting too many short skits for YouTube has equally contributed to the decline of the local movie industry, “That is not true, we all know that social media is the in thing now, one can just go on YouTube to watch Nana Yeboah TV, the days of cassettes and CDs are long gone so it is erroneous to say that shooting short skits is causing the decline of the movie industry”.

Source: GraphicOnline

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