I asked my husband to stop acting because I was scared to lose him -Adjetey Anang’s wife

Elom Anang, wife of renowned Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Anang has disclosed that she encouraged her husband to abandon acting for fear of losing him as a famous actor.

Making the revelation in the intro of Chapter 10 of her husband’s memoir, Adjetey Anang: A Story of Faith, Imperfection and Resilience memoir, she said she did that out of selfishness and not to lose him to acting.

“When I realised I was attracted to Adjetey, I decided to be selfish as I was scared I could lose him to acting.

“So I actually tried to discourage him from it, telling him acting didn’t pay much among other things. He actually listened to me and for a while went off acting into a completely different field. However, he wasn’t happy with the new direction I was pushing him in.

 “He started working with a packaging company and it was clear he wasn’t cut out for that. He was obviously getting results but fulfilment wasn’t evident in his life,” she mentioned in the memoir.

Elom and Adjetey have been married for 16 years, with a son called Ryan. They seem to be the perfect couple.

However, that perfection was called to question when Adjetey Anang revealed in his memoir that he cheated on his wife a number of times.

The confession was not taken lightly by his followers and admirers who criticised him for the confession.

The Things We Do For Love actor however, later came out to explain during an interview with GTV Breakfast Show that he didn’t have any sexual encounter with his cheating partners.

 “And when I say cheating… for the most part, people think… we conclude that there were sexual affairs. Even the good book tells that, when a woman walks and you look at them lustfully, in your mind, you have sinned, that’s cheating. There is emotional, there’s mental, and the physical as well. 

“So in my bid to explain, that covers a whole spectrum, of ‘I hug you for example’ and my mind is like…I am thinking lustfully of you, that’s cheating. You can’t limit it, otherwise, we get away with some things.

“…that thought should run through me with only my partner… no no no, I may not going to say that I slept with anybody. In my thought processing that is where cheating happens,” he disclosed during an interview with GTV’s Breakfast Show,” he stated.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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