Saglemi project not neglected — Asenso-Boakye

The Minister of Works and Housing, Francis Asenso-Boakye, has given the assurance that the government remains fully committed to completing the Saglemi housing project.

He emphasised that both the President and himself had reiterated this commitment during the launch of a new housing project in Pokuase.

Mr Asenso-Boakye stated this when he debunked claims by former President John Dramani Mahama that the Saglemi housing project had been abandoned.

He assured that the government was actively taking necessary steps to ensure the revival and completion of the project.

He announced that it was to address the challenges faced by the project that the government was considering involving the private sector in its implementation.

This decision, he said, was made after careful consideration and extensive consultations, with Cabinet convening three meetings to review the project’s complexities and its financial challenges, and that the conclusion reached was that private sector participation would offer the most viable approach to ensure the project’s successful completion.

financial analysis

Touching on the financial analysis, Mr Asenso-Boakye said despite an initial investment of nearly $200 million, the Saglemi project still required substantial additional funding.

“Approximately $46 million is needed for off-site infrastructure development, covering essential amenities such as water, electricity, drainage works, among others.

He added that an additional $68 million was required to complete on-site works, which included the repair and completion of the existing units, sewerage system, civic amenities, among others.

This brings the total additional costs to a staggering $114 million, on top of the funds already spent,” he added.

Mr Asenso-Boakye said with all these issues, he had taken proactive steps to continue the Saglemi project by seeking approval from the Attorney General’s office, which was granted, allowing the government to proceed with the necessary actions to ensure the project’s eventual completion.

This demonstrated the administration’s unwavering dedication to delivering on its promise to revive the Saglemi housing project.

New Initiative

Touching on the new housing project in Pokuase, he explained that it was part of a fresh strategy involving collaboration with the private sector for housing development.

“Drawing inspiration from successful models in other African countries, the government aims to work alongside the  private sector entities in constructing houses for citizens.

This approach not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also capitalizes on the expertise and experience of private sector partners,” he added.

 “Since becoming minister, we have studied the approach adopted by many other African countries, including South Africa, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, where the government collaborates with the private sector in developing houses for the citizens.

This not only saves the government a significant amount of financial stress but also allows us to benefit from the expertise and experience of the private sector,” he added.

The minister passionately called on all politicians to rise above partisan interests and focus on the national interest, while providing affordable and habitable housing for the citizens of Ghana.

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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