Digitise asset declaration forms – Dormaa East MP to Auditor-General

The New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for Dormaa East, Paul Twum Barimah, has called on the Auditor-General to digitise the asset declaration forms to enhance the fight against corruption.

He said the current “paper work” required for public office holders to declare their assets was quite “laborious”, making it difficult for many government appointees and civil servants alike to comply with the law.

“I am, therefore, calling on the Auditor-General to, as soon as practicable, move away from this paper work and digitise the process,” he said.

That, he said, would enable public office holders to update their records, saying the digitisation process should be made in a way that one can only update but cannot be altered.

Easier process

Speaking to the Daily Graphic in an interview in Parliament, Mr Twum-Barimah said the digitalisation of the asset declaration forms should be akin to the visa application form that allowed applicants to update their details but could not alter it.

“We should be able to update our asset declaration forms everywhere one finds himself or herself but we cannot alter them.

That is supposed to be the way because current paper work is becoming difficult.”

The Dormaa East MP noted that public office holders who earned above a certain salary were required to declare their assets at a certain level.

To the contrary, he said many of such public servants at the various ministries, departments and agencies had not yet declared their assets due to the laborious processes associated with the process.

“I know the A-G is in the process to digitalise asset declaration process but they must fast-track the entire process so that we will be able to make things easier for everyone,” he said.

Mr Twum-Barimah particularly urged the A-G and the National Commission for Civil Education to begin educating people on why they should declare their assets.

Legal means

Reacting to the Minority’s statement that they would picket on the premises of the central bank to demand for the resignation of the Governor of Bank of Ghana (BoG), Dr Ernest Addison, Mr Twum-Barimah kicked against the decision.

He said if the Minority felt the governor had committed a crime or broken the law and an action needed to be taken, the law must be applied instead of resorting to picketing.

“The Minority can also test the law because I think Act 918 that governs the BoG has stated clearly how you can remove a Governor of the BoG.

So, why are we not using that procedure?” he asked. 

Source: GraphicOnline

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