It was a difficult time – Falz recounts getting knee surgery for torn ACL

Singer Folarin Falana, widely known as Falz The Bahdguy, has opened up about his arduous journey to recovery after a knee injury left him grappling with considerable challenges.

The singer and actor shared his experience going through surgery when he appeared on Cool FM Nigeria’s popular show, The Big Friday Show, hosted by reality TV star Tacha.

In a recollection of events, Falz revealed that he underwent critical knee surgery on May 2, 2023, conducted at a prominent medical facility in London, United Kingdom.

He said the surgery became necessary after he sustained a debilitating ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury while participating in a football match. The ACL, an essential ligament that stabilizes the knee during movements like running and jumping, had torn completely, resulting in significant damage to his knee’s structure.

Reflecting on the incident, Falz said, “It was a very difficult time for me. I had ACL reconstruction surgery. Your ACL is like a ligament that holds your knee together. What actually happened is that that ligament was torn totally. So the knee kind of scattered.”

Despite being an avid football player since his childhood, Falz recounted that the unfortunate incident occurred during a casual run, possibly due to inadequate stretching on that particular day.

He also noted that ACL injuries, although distressing, are not uncommon among athletes who engage in sports that demand rapid changes in direction and agility.

Currently on the road to recovery, Falz highlighted his commitment to the rehabilitation process, which includes physiotherapy and targeted exercises aimed at restoring his knee’s strength and flexibility.

He expressed his optimism, stating, “I’m glad I’m back. I’m up and running now. It’s a one-time surgery. Now I’m in rehab doing physiotherapy. Just exercising and trying to build the muscle back to 100 per cent.”

SOURCE: GraphicOnline

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