Office romance with my boss helped to discover my talent -Mzbel

Popular Ghanaian singer, Mzbel has stated that she is not against office romance since dating her boss at work helped to discover her talent.

Speaking on abn TV recently and in a response to the question by the host if she was against office romance, the “16 years” hitmaker said she will not be a hypocrite to condemn the practice knowing how that changed her life.

She mentioned that before getting into music, she had the opportunity to work in one of the studios in Accra and that was where she entered into relationship with the boss who encouraged and supported her to go into music after showing lots of interest in that field.

“When I started working at one of the studios in Accra, but for office romance, I will not have been where I am today.

“I dated the owner who was far older than me at the time. The relationship wasn’t just for fun. I fell in love with him and during the relationship, he discovered that I liked dancing and entertainment.

“He encouraged me to take it seriously and since he owned a studio, I listened to him and recorded my first song there. I’m now the Mzbel that everyone knows because of that,” she said.

Mzbel said her music potentials and current status would not have been attained if she rejected her boss’s love advances under the pious belief that she will be destroying his home as a married man.

“If I had rejected his proposal with the excuse that he is a married man and I will be destroying his marriage and all those kind of sayings, I wouldn’t have been here,” she stated.

Source: GraphicOnline

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