Move forward in unity – NPP charges parliamentary contestants

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has called on contestants of the just-ended parliamentary primaries to move forward with unity, commitment and dedication towards a successful December 2024 victory in the general election.

“Let’s stand united to make history on December 7,” it said, adding that “As we embark on the journey towards December 2024, let us engage in constructive dialogue, foster a culture of mutual respect, and prioritise the well-being of the people we aim to serve.”

A statement signed by the National Chairman of the NPP, Stephen Ayesu Ntim, congratulated all the participants in the January 27, 2024 polls.


“Your dedication, commitment and spirited engagement in this democratic process are indeed commendable, and I applaud every one of you for contributing to the vibrancy of our great party.

To all the successful candidates, I extend my warmest congratulations on your victory.”

“Your hard work, resilience and connection with the party members have earned you the trust and mandate to represent the NPP in the upcoming parliamentary elections,” it said.

The statement urged the contestants to take that responsibility with the utmost dedication and a commitment to the principles that defined the party.

“To those who did not emerge victorious, I sincerely appreciate your participation in the primaries.

Your willingness to serve and your commitment to the NPP are invaluable.

The democratic process thrives when individuals of integrity and passion step forward,” it said and “I encourage you to remain engaged in the party’s activities, as your contributions are crucial to our collective success.

Our party’s success lies in the unity of purpose and a shared commitment to the welfare of our nation”. 

The challenges ahead, it said, required members of the party to stand shoulder to shoulder, emphasising the values that bind them as members of the NPP.

Last Saturday, the NPP held its Constituency Annual Delegates Conference in 101 constituencies where the parliamentary primaries took place.

Source: GraphicOnline

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