Sarfo Oduro retained as Black Maidens Management Committee chairman

Nana Sarfo Oduro has received a clear and unanimous endorsement from the Executive Council to continue serving as the Chairman of the Black Maidens Management Committee. 

With an illustrious career spanning over three decades in football, Nana Sarfo Oduro’s leadership and experience have earned him an extension of his mandate to guide the management team for another term.

The decision by the Executive Council underscores their confidence in Nana Sarfo Oduro’s ability to steer the Black Maidens, the national under-17 women’s football team, toward continued success.

His dedication to the sport and proven track record have made him a respected figure in the football community.

Joining Nana Sarfo Oduro in the leadership lineup is Robert Duncan, Chairman of the Central Regional Football Association and owner of Women’s Premier League side Soccer Intellectuals.

Duncan will serve as the Vice Chairman of the Committee, bringing his expertise and extensive involvement in football to complement the efforts of the Black Maidens Management Committee.

Notably, Robert Duncan also holds the position of bankroller and owner of Access Bank Division One League side Soccer Intellectuals FC, further showcasing his commitment and influence in the football landscape.

The extension of Nana Sarfo Oduro’s tenure and the appointment of Robert Duncan highlight a strategic approach by the Executive Council to maintain continuity and capitalise on the wealth of experience within the leadership of the Black Maidens.

As they embark on new challenges and competitions, the committee’s collective knowledge is expected to contribute significantly to the growth and success of women’s football at the grassroots level in Ghana.

The members of the Committee are Alhaji Oliver, Ebenezer Oppong and Jamal Abu. 

Source: GraphicOnline

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