By Victoria Anima Akomea – 12/02/2024

Canadian digital entrepreneur and Afri+ tech founder and CEO, Carlita Cash, was recently featured on AIT TV’s Big Xclusive show to share insights about cryptocurrency and express her admiration for Ghana.

In the interview, Carlita revealed that her real name is Carola, but she goes by the name Carlita Cash in the world of cryptocurrency. She mentioned that she has been in Ghana for a month and a half and expressed her love for the country due to its peaceful environment and the friendly nature of its people, making her feel like part of a family away from home. Carlita explained that she selected Ghana as the initial point for her African expansion due to its burgeoning market.

During the discussion, Carlita provided a comprehensive overview of cryptocurrency, describing it as a digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography and distributed across a large network of computers. She emphasized that cryptocurrency can be invested in, but cautioned that it is not a quick way to make money and requires time to learn and understand. She also highlighted the benefits of cryptocurrency, stating that it can yield significant profits and fosters patience and understanding in its users.

In addition, she delved into the process of registering a crypto business, likening it to opening a bank account and requiring the use of personal identification. Carlita stressed that anyone can purchase and utilize cryptocurrency, and the initial investment amount varies depending on the individual’s country of residence. She also provided guidance on trading cryptocurrency and converting it back into traditional currency, emphasizing the role of exchanges in facilitating these transactions.

Furthermore, Carlita shared valuable insights on avoiding scams in the cryptocurrency world, advocating for a proactive approach focused on self-management of crypto accounts and the importance of awareness and caution.

Overall, Carlita’s appearance on the show provided a wealth of information about cryptocurrency and shed light on her positive experiences in Ghana while emphasizing the potential for growth and opportunity in the African market.

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