There’s nothing good about reducing the number of ministers-Mohammad Mustapha

Report by : Pearl Amoako – 12/ 02/2024

National Democratic Congress(NDC) Communicator, Mohammad Mustapha has expressed that he sees nothing good about Dr Bawumia’s policy to have not more than 50 ministers.

“When the intention behind his promises is for just power and deception, there’s nothing good about it”

Speaking on AIT TV’s The Morning Dew, he highlighted that Dr. Bawumia currently has over 40 people in his office with a number of them just on the payroll, doing nothing.

“This is the Vice President of a government that had set a record of having the highest number of ministers in the history of this country. After they have made similar promise that they are going to run this government with the lean government” he announced.

Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia recently spoke about Ghana’s future at the University of Professional Studies in Accra. He emphasized the importance of selfless leadership and innovative solutions.

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