Ghana’s Political Leader, Alexander Afenyo Markin, Stands for Democracy

By Ngresangma Martha- 24/02/2024

In a powerful speech to parliament yesterday, Alexander Afenyo Markin, the newly elected majority leader of Ghana’s NPP, spoke passionately about the importance of unity and resilience in tough times.

Markin didn’t ignore the tough stuff facing our country: our economy is struggling, and global problems like the Russia-Ukraine conflict aren’t helping. But he also stressed how crucial it is for us to stick to democratic values, no matter what.

“Our government isn’t backing down in the face of economic challenges and world problems,” Markin said firmly. “We need to work even harder to move our country forward.”

He reached out to the minority leader, asking for teamwork in supporting democracy and keeping things peaceful in parliament. “Let’s forget about which party we belong to and focus on what’s best for Ghana,” he urged. “Our people want to see us working together, discussing ideas, and solving problems.”

Markin highlighted how important it is for everyone to feel free to share their thoughts, even if they don’t agree. “Democracy only works when everyone has a say,” he explained. “Both parties have had their turn in leading Ghana; now, let’s join forces to make things better for everyone.”

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