Kwesi Pratt Questions Bawumia’s Strategy in Appointing Dan Botwe as NPP Campaign Chairman

By Ngresangma Martha- 24/02/2024

Kwesi Pratt, managing editor of Insight Newspaper, has expressed skepticism over the selection of Dan Botwe as campaign chairman for NPP’s flagbearer, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Pratt raised eyebrows during his appearance on Peace FM’s Kokroko Morning show, questioning the inclusion of Botwe in the campaign team.

“Bawumia is quite shrewd. He deliberately picked Dan Botwe for his non-confrontational nature,” Pratt remarked, highlighting Botwe’s tendency to steer clear of conflicts.

With a hint of amusement, Pratt commented, “I find it rather amusing. How could we possibly challenge him? He won’t even engage in conflict… Bawumia has outwitted us.”

Despite his doubts about Botwe’s appointment, Pratt commended Dr. Bawumia for swiftly unveiling his campaign team, emphasizing the lack of unnecessary delays. “Dr. Bawumia deserves praise,” Pratt concluded during the morning show.

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