President Akuffo-Addo Highlights Ghana’s Vision for African Games

Reported by Victoria Anima Akomea- 9/03/2024

During the 67th anniversary celebration of Ghana’s independence, His Excellency, President Nana Addo Danquah, unveiled the date for the upcoming African Games and emphasized Ghana’s vision for the event.

President Akuffo-Addo announced that the 13th African Games would commence on Friday, March 8th, in Accra, with participation from fifty-three African nations. He underscored the significant effort and resources invested to ensure the success of the Games, expressing confidence in their outcome.

Reflecting on the recent hosting of AFCON 2023 in Cote d’Ivoire, President Akuffo-Addo drew parallels with the upcoming African Games, originally slated for 2023 but postponed to 2024. He acknowledged football’s widespread popularity and highlighted the remarkable victory of the Ivorian national team, the Elephants.

While refraining from guaranteeing Ghana’s dominance in track and field events, President Akuffo-Addo pledged to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for all visitors to the African Games.

Drawing on Ghana’s history of pioneering achievements, particularly its status as the first sub-Saharan African nation to gain independence in 1957, President Akuffo-Addo expressed confidence in Ghana’s ability to lead by example. He stressed the importance of maintaining a robust democracy and striving for prosperity, not only for Ghana but also for the entire continent.

In closing, President Akuffo-Addo extended warm wishes to all Ghanaians on the occasion of the 67th Independence Day celebration, invoking blessings for the nation and its people. He concluded with a rallying cry for unity and strength, echoing the nation’s motto, “Freedom and Justice,” and reaffirming Ghana’s commitment to greatness.

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