NSA grants sole governing status to Ghana eSports Federation

The National Sports Authority has officially recognized the Ghana eSports Federation (GESF) as the exclusive governing body for E-Sports in Ghana.

Following thorough evaluation and compliance with registration criteria, the Ghana eSports Federation (GESF) has been granted sole authority over all electronic gaming sports within the nation by the NSA.

In a meeting held in February between GESF President, Igor Boumekpo, and NSA officials, discussions centered on the federation’s role in autonomously regulating and overseeing all esports-related activities in Ghana. The recent approval solidifies this arrangement.

This landmark decision by the NSA is poised to significantly impact the esports community in Ghana and, by extension, the broader gaming community across Africa.

Over the years, GESF has spearheaded various gaming competitions and events in Ghana and the African continent. Notable among these are the Warm Up ESports Festival in collaboration with 3Sports and the annual Orange eSports events since 2018.

This year, GESF organized the NFL Fan Zone event in Accra, coinciding with the NFL Africa Touchdown, which saw the participation of dignitaries such as the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

The NSA’s endorsement of the Ghana eSports Federation (GESF) marks a significant milestone for the gaming industry in Ghana and Africa, signaling a promising future for gaming events and the advancement of gaming culture in the region.

Source: graphiconline

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