George Darko: King Of Burger Highlife Reported Dead.

Report by Victoria Anima Akomea-21/03/2024

King of Burger Highlife, George Darko, has died at age 73, according to multiple media reports. Darko reportedly died on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, but his cause of death remains unknown.

The late musician was a skilled guitarist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter. He also held the title of Tufuhene of Akropong, bearing the stool name Nana Apem Darko .

Darko’s 1983 hit single Akoo Te Brofo is often considered the birth of Burger Highlife.

George Darko was educated at a Presbyterian school at Akropong as the son of a paramount chief. After playing for an army band, entertaining soldiers in the Middle East, Darko returned to Ghana and formed the Golden Stool Band. In the late 1970s, the band moved to Germany, where Darko went solo and formed the Bus Stop Band in 1982.

Darko’s death follows the passing of another highlife musician, Kwabena Kwakye Kabobo, aka KK Kabobo, who died after his battle with liver disease. The highlife musician is known for his hit song Onyame Ahu.

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