2024 ECOSOC Youth Summit: Mustapha Ussif highlights Ghana’s strategic steps to combat climate change

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif, has presented Ghana’s effective measures to combat pollution and emissions to the international community.

Speaking at the 2024 UN ECOSOC Summit in New York, United States, Mustapha Ussif emphasized Ghana’s response to the challenges posed by urbanization and its associated environmental impacts. He stated, “As Ghana grapples with urbanization, where over 50% of our population is urbanized, we face critical challenges from increasing pollution and emissions. These pressing issues demand innovative, sustainable solutions.”

“In response,” Ussif continued, “Ghana has implemented robust policies like the National Climate Change and Green Jobs Policy, aimed at fostering a sustainable low-carbon economy.” He also highlighted Accra’s role as a model for sustainable urban development through initiatives such as the SDGs Cities Global Initiative.

“Our construction sector’s adoption of interlocking brick technology significantly reduces emissions, cuts costs, and supports the use of local materials,” Ussif added. He further mentioned the success of Ghana’s Green Ghana Day initiative, which saw over 10 million seedlings planted in 2023, actively contributing to greening urban landscapes and engaging youth in environmental stewardship.

Looking ahead, Mustapha Ussif announced Ghana’s proposals for three strategic initiatives at the ECOSOC summit:

“Firstly, the establishment of a Global Urban Resilience Fund to support youth-led projects, fostering innovative urban solutions and empowering young entrepreneurs.”

“Secondly, the creation of International Youth Innovation Hubs, providing mentorship and resources to all youths, ensuring inclusivity and support for underrepresented groups.”

“Thirdly, a Worldwide Urban Greening Initiative in collaboration with schools and youth organizations, integrating educational programs and hands-on activities to promote active youth participation in urban environmental efforts.”

Source: GraphicOnline

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