Cristiano Ronaldo wins €9m in suit against Juventus

Juventus is currently reviewing a court decision regarding their payment to former striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who was awarded nearly €10m in unpaid wages.

Upon Ronaldo’s departure from Juventus to Manchester United in 2021, he claimed that he was still owed €19.6m in wages from a deferral agreement established during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following a legal battle, the court ruled that both Juventus and Ronaldo shared responsibility for the dispute, leading to a decision that Ronaldo should receive half of the original €19.6m amount.

Although Juventus acknowledged their failure to pay Ronaldo, they emphasized that the agreement lacked binding authority, resulting in Ronaldo not receiving his full salary.

In a statement, Juventus mentioned their legal counsel’s involvement in reviewing the arbitration board’s decision, indicating their intention to explore further actions to protect their rights.

Several Juventus players, including Ronaldo, had agreed to wage deferrals during the pandemic, a common practice among European clubs to offset losses from matchday revenue. However, Juventus faced scrutiny for allegedly mishandling their agreements and not accurately reporting them.

During his tenure at Juventus, Ronaldo achieved remarkable success on the field, scoring 101 goals in 134 matches and contributing to the club’s two Serie A titles before his return to Manchester United.

Source: GraphicOnline

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